Tystnad, vår tids ultimata lyxvara

phonautogaph”Noise ranks as the number one gripe of restaurant-goers nationally according to a Zagat survey, and it is the complaint submitted to New York City’s 311 hotline with the greatest frequency. (From 2012 to 2013, noise-related calls to 311 increased 16 percent according to noise activist Arlene Bronzaft.) Even if these complaints are just cyclical resurgences of an age-old problem—the ancient Greek colony Sybaris mandated that certain noisy tradesmen (potters, tinsmiths) had to live outside the city walls; Elizabethan men couldn’t beat their wives past 10 p.m.—we seem to be dealing with it differently. From noise-canceling headphones to the popularity of silent retreats, there has never been quite so great a premium placed on silence. And not only do we value it in a general sense, we’re willing to pay for it. Silence has become the ultimate luxury.”

Citerat ur ”Silence Is Now a Luxury Product. A report on the quiet-car-ization of America” av Chloe Schama i New Republic 4 mars 2014. Det är en spretig och underhållande artikel, vars roligaste fakta är att man kan köpa John Cages ljudlösa stycke 4’33’’ på iTunes.


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