Essä: Andy Warhol, self-promotion och sociala medier

soldatens-artsoppa-570g-knorr”Maybe it was supposed to just be another one of Warhol’s put-ons, maybe it wasn’t even his idea. But looking back, the title [“The Personality of the Artist”] has an eerie prescience about the future of self-branding. It suggested that the mechanisms of advertising could also become the mechanisms of self-representation and communication; that brands not only insinuated themselves into our lives but that the logic of their circulation could become the logic of our whole social existence. In other words, the exhibition title now looks like an answer that was waiting for the right question to arrive: What exactly is social media?”

Citerat ur ”No Purchase Necessary” av A.E. Benson – undertitel ”Is liking brands ironically on social media a form of click fraud?” i The New Inquiry, 28 april 2014. Fantastisk essä om Andy Warhol, self-branding och sociala medier. Och apropå self-branding: Vi gillar verkligen The New Inquiry.

Ola Wihlke

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