litterära termer 4: Alt Lit

”Along with Tao Lin, Roggenbuck is one of the bright stars of Alt Lit, an online writing community that emerged in 2011 and harnesses the casual affect and jagged stylistics of social media as the basis of their works—poems, stories, novels, tweets, and status updates. Its members have produced a body of distinctive literature marked by direct speech, expressions of aching desire, and wide-eyed sincerity. (“language is so cool. i can type out these shapes and you can understand me,” or “Yay! Dolphins are beautiful creatures and will always have a wild spirit. I have been very lucky because I have had the awesome experience of swimming with dolphins twice.”) The poems and stories, published on blogs and Twitter feeds, are usually written in the Internet vernacular of lowercase letters, inverted punctuation, abundant typos, and bad grammar. While other Web-based poetry movements exploit appropriated text—cutting and pasting or scooping vast amounts of preëxisting data—Alt Lit tends to use emo-heavy, homespun language, bearing the urgency and candor of a status update; no sentiment is too trite to be repurposed as poetry.”

Citerat ur ”If Walt Whitman Vlogged” av Kenneth Goldsmith i New Yorker, 7 maj 2014. Suverän artikel om man är intresserad av Alt Lit i allmänhet och Steve Roggenbuck i synnerhet. Full med bra länkar.

Och den här videon sammanfattar ganska väl Roggenbucks syn på poetens och poesins roll, med en självmedveten koppling till den romantiska traditionen.

Ola Wihlke

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