Kate Durbin • ”E! Entertainment” • Wonder Books • 2014



”Enter into the arena Kate Durbin, whose latest book, E! Entertainment has just been published by Wonder Books, demonstrating seven years of atomically precise attention paid to the linguistic ecosystem of reality television. Deliciously designed in the prettiest of pink pages by Joseph Kaplan,  E! Entertainment arranges, annotates, reports, and represents our favorite national pastime – sitting on our fat asses watching the boob tube. But Durbins presentation of eight ‘channels’ (sections titled ‘Wives Shows,’ ‘Lindsays Necklace Trial,’ ‘Anna Nicole Show,’ ‘The Hills’) in close to two hundred pages is anything but passive or flabby.”

Citerat ur ”Micro-review: On Kate Durbin’s ‘E! Entertainment‘” av Adam Fitzgerald i The American Reader.


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