”What Would Twitter Do?” Sheila Heti intervjuar Christian Lorentzen

SH: Was there a certain point at which you found your ‘voice’ on Twitter? A certain tweet, or was there an evolution of your understanding of the medium? Can you take me through this?

CL: The first year or so I was on twitter I was living in New York, working at a newspaper and could be said to be living for better or worse within the New York media and literary Brooklyn bubble. I was also writing a weekly column in which I would attempt to parody the voice of a celebrity or public figure (a concept I lifted from the British press, especially the brilliant work of Craig Brown in Private Eye). So it was natural from the start to throw my voice around, to be ‘me’ or ‘not me’ in tweets. I was also in the beginning more frequently mean and troll-ish.”

Citerat ur ”What Would Twitter Do?”, Sheila Heti intervjuar LRB:s redaktör Christian Lorentzen. Intervjun ingår i en serie i vilken Heti intervjuar personer hon tycker är intressanta om deras twittrande. De tidigare intervjuerna i kronologisk ordning: Kimmy WaltersKate ZambrenoTeju ColeMira GonzalesTao Lin. Smarta och underhållande intervjuer som bland annat visar hur mångsidigt Twitter är som medium, trots de uppenbara begränsningarna.

Ola Wihlke

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