São Paulo street photography – fotokollektivet selvaSP

Fotona är tagna av medlemmar i det brasilianska fotokollektivet selvaSP, som hör hemma i megastaden São Paulo . Antalet medlemmar är i skrivande stund 24 stycken och de representerar olika stilar; vissa fotar mest svartvitt, andra fotar mest i färg. Vi valde enbart färgbilder och blandade ganska ordentligt, men det här lilla urvalet är knappast representativt. Besök gärna deras hemsida selvaSP. Kort intervju efter bildserien:



NaoSoPor20Centavos02 (1)








net_8 (1)


(In)dependencia_15 (1)


33 Alem da Arena

07 ILHAS (1)




net moca no metro e estadio itaquera 15 05 2014

feira 05




esfinges 08 13 06 2010

When and why did You start the collective?

The collective started back in 2012, somewhere around April. The idea behind SelvaSP came from Drago. He was loooking for a way to document the human condition in São Paulo and found it through street photography. He talked to his friend Rafael Mattar and the idea of forming a group inspired them. Eventually they met Gustavo Minas, who was already shooting São Paulo for a long time, and together they formed the collective. SelvaSP has been growing since then by getting to know more people with the same idea of photography, but always with the will to form a real group of friends instead of partners/members.

What are the main points of your manifesto?
Our manifesto tries to point towards the importance of walking around the city, not trying to search for something specifically, but mainly because of the pleasure of just feeling the city and wander around the infinite spaces and people we meet. The street, as a being, is infinite in possibilities as it is always evolving. Therefore, our goal is try to be the different eye in the crowd, in times when most people are looking straight to their smartphones. As photographers who want to express ourselves, the streets are the perfect place to look for stories that may, somehow, reflect our own inspirations, even when we don’t realize that yet.

When I hear the word São Paulo I think of a chaotic megacity with huge crowds and skyscrapers. This is not quite what you get when watching your photos. Is it a cliché that you are conciously avoiding?

The cliché exist in São Paulo as well as everywhere else, but the cliché is also a way of looking. We don’t avoid the cliché places and scenes, we just picture it our own way.
But we don’t think about it that much once we are mostly concerned about doing our own stuff and experiment with our photography.


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