Skrivande elever får hellre feedback av robot än av lärare


Via Magnus Manske/Wikimedia Commons

”The computer program appeared to transform the students approach to the process of receiving and acting on feedback, El Ebyary and Windeatt report. Comments and criticism from a human instructor actually had a negative effect on students attitudes about revision and on their willingness to write, the researchers note. By contrast, interactions with the computer produced overwhelmingly positive feelings, as well as an actual change in behavior — from ‘virtually never’ revising, to revising and resubmitting at a rate of 100 percent. As a result of engaging in this process, the students’ writing improved; they repeated words less often, used shorter, simpler sentences, and corrected their grammar and spelling. These changes weren’t simply mechanical. Follow-up interviews with the study’s participants suggested that the computer feedback actually stimulated reflectiveness in the students — which, notably, feedback from instructors had not done.”

Citerat ur ”Robo-readers aren’t as good as human readers — they’re better” av Annie Murphy Paul i The Hechinger Report, 13 augusti 2014. Mycket intressant artikel om forskare som använder ett datorprogram i undervisandet av skrivande, som de hävdar att elever hellre får feedback ifrån än av sina lärare. Metoden har enligt artikeln också sina kritiker, men dela för guds skull inte det här till Jan Björklund.


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