Neil Gaiman på New York Public Library med en brevöppnare gjord av tassen från Charles Dickens döda katt

”In this private tour of the special collections at the New York Public Library, curators have selected a variety of terror-tinged items for [Neil Gaiman] to peruse before his candle-lit Halloween talk — and Vulture was on hand to take in the view. Since the NYPL keeps not just rare books but also curios and artifacts in its archives, we were in for a treat — skull fragments from famous authors, hair from those authors corpses, death masks, and even a letter opener with a handle made from the paw of Charles Dickens’s dead cat are all on display. (‘The story is that he had trained his cat to put out his night candle with his paw,’ curator Isaac Gewirtz tells us.)”

Citerat ur ”Neil Gaimans Halloween With Dickens Dead Cat” av Jennifer Vinyard i New York Magazine, 6 november 2014. Neil Gaiman firade Halloween på NYPL och vad passade då bättre än att plocka fram några skallfragment och Charles Dickens obskyra brevöppnare ur bibliotekets samlingar.

Ola Wihlke

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