David R. Godine, oberoende amerikansk förläggare som ger ut svårsålda böcker och prickar in nobelpristagare


”Boston publisher David Godine likes to say he specializes in books nobody buys, and that includes the works of French writer Patrick Modiano, whose novels about memory and war earned him the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Modiano was virtually unknown in America before the Nobel was announced Oct. 6, and his novels sat for years in boxes at Godine’s warehouse in New Hampshire.

‘I couldn’t sell them to Chicago for landfill,’ Godine says.”

Citerat ur ”Beyond sales, Boston publisher’s devotion speaks volumes” av Mark Shanahan The Boston Globe, 18 november 2014. Ett underbart porträtt av förläggaren David R. Godine, vars förlag ger ut ganska smala titlar men som också prickat in två nobelpristagare: ”You bet we’re going to make a lot of money off Modiano. You publish a Nobel Prize winner, you’d have to shoot yourself in the foot not to make a lot of money.”


Godine ger dessutom ut sällsynt vackra böcker. Säger en kollega: ”He cares about selling, but the physical object of the book is of paramount importance to David. He knows more about typeface and design than any other publisher alive.”

Ola Wihlke

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