Ägna ett par minuter åt att läsa vad john a. powell har att säga om Ferguson

-ANKXeGn_400x400”What we are witnessing is a reflection of a systematic failure in our society that is revealed wherever we are willing to look—schools, health care, employment, housing, life expectancy, poverty, and the list goes on. The problem is persistent, cumulative, and deeply debilitating. The arrest rate or murder rate between African Americans and whites, as evidenced by a recent set of studies, cannot be explained by the ‘behavior of blacks,’ as some will quickly suggest. Nor can it only be explained by explicit racism in the police department or other systems that fail to serve the black community. What we are seeing is the consequence of a systematic failure at every level, and a political response that ranges from hostility to neglect. But many people in Ferguson and around the country of different races and from different perspectives are saying no, and demanding: enough.”

Citerat ur ”Ferguson Response: Deep Divide in Our Society, Systemic Failure” av john a. powell i Berkley Journal of Sociology, 25 november 2014. Det har skrivits och sagts mycket om Ferguson den senaste tiden, det har gjorts uttalanden och det har skrivits dikter, men få personer har uttryckt sig så kärnfullt, slående och uppfordrande som professor john a. powell.

Ola Wihlke

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