Korta listan till Baileys womens prize for fiction 2015


Det första jag tänkte på när jag såg långa listan till Baileys womens prize for fiction 2015 var: Vilken lång lång lista. Det var tjugo tävlande, den korta listan är lite lättare att hantera, sex författare och deras respektive böcker. Det andra jag tänkte på var: Vad sorgligt med ett pris för enbart kvinnliga författare. Men det verkar tyvärr behövas. I The Guardian beskrivs bakgrunden till prisets tillkomst:

”The women’s prize for fiction was launched in the wake of the judges’ failure to shortlist a single female author for the Booker prize of 1991. Literary figures led by the author Kate Mosse discovered that ‘by 1992, only 10% of novelists shortlisted for the Booker prize had been women’; by 1996, their plan to launch an award solely for women had come to fruition. After years of sponsorship by Orange, the 2013 award was privately funded by sponsors including Cherie Blair and Joanna Trollope. The prize is now sponsored by Baileys.”

Den största överraskningen är att Emily St. John Mandel och hennes Station Eleven inte finns med på korta listan. 2014 var ett sensationellt bra år för henne, det bästa hittills i hennes karriär.

Det här är korta listan:


Outline av Rachel Cusk (Faber and Faber) UK

Heidi Julavits recension i New York Times: ”By freeing the narrator of a body, the novel allows readers to accept a more complex portrait of a person — a self instead of a set of gender stereotypes. The result is a heartbreaking portrait of poise, sympathy, regret and rage, and with this book, Cusk suggests a powerful alternate route for the autobiographical novel.”


The Bees av Laline Paull (Fourth Estate) UK

Recension av Catherine Scott i The Independent: ”Paull’s prose envelops the senses just as the sounds and smells of the hive hypnotise the bees, drenching her readers with nectar and honey, then switching the pace to depict frenetic, spiralling flights.”

A God in Every Stone 2015: Shortlisted for the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction (Paperback)

A God in Every Stone av Kamila Shamsie (Bloomsbury) Pakistan/UK

Lucy Popescu recenserar i The Independent: ”There is an epic quality to A God in Every Stone. Shamsie begins with a love story, and encompasses a variety of subjects including war, colonialism, nationalism, gender and archaeology without ever being didactic.”

How to be Both (Paperback)

How to be Both av Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton) UK

Patrick Flanery recenserar i The Telegraph: ”One might reasonably argue that Ali Smith is among Virginia Woolf’s most gifted inheritors. Attentive to Woolf’s admonition that ‘one must be woman-manly or man-womanly’, Smith’s writing is alive to the power of empathy as much as it is conscious of the importance of form.”

A Spool of Blue Thread (Hardback)

A Spool of Blue Thread av Anne Tyler (Chatto & Windus) USA

Michiko Kakutani recenserar i New York Times: ”As in many Tyler novels, a sudden death kicks the plot of ‘Blue Thread’ into second gear, creating a tumble of emotional dominoes that will affect every member of the Whitshank family in one way or another. The problem is that these characters have insinuated themselves so shallowly in the reader’s mind that it’s hard to care much what happens to any of them.”

 The Paying Guests (Paperback)

The Paying Guests av Sarah Waters (Virago) UK

Rachel Cusk recenserar i The Guardian: ”The voracious English appetite for period drama has given rise to too many bloated narratives: it would be good to see Waters produce something corrective and sharp, in which her authoritative and incisive dramatic style was permitted to be sufficient satisfaction on its own.”

Den brittiska dominansen är fortsatt förkrossande, men flera namn är helt väntade, som Ali Smith, Kamila Shamsie och Sarah Waters. Debutanterna från småförlagen lyser med sin frånvaro.

Vi upprepar i princip vad vi skrev när vi såg den långa listan: Väldigt svårtippat. Men det vore kul om The Bees vann, Laline Paulls originella debutroman, vars huvudperson, Flora 717, är ett bi.

Skriv gärna och berätta om du har läst någon av romanerna eller författarna. Har du någon favorit?

Ola Wihlke

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