litterära termer 37: post-internet poetry / post-internet-poesi

”Over the past few years, the art world has been throwing around the term ‘post-Internet’ to describe the practices of artists who use the Web as the basis for their work but don’t make a big deal about it. […] We’re beginning to see a similar turn in poetry. Earlier Web-based poetries tended to either exploit the technical side of the Web or underscore the weirdness of it. E-poetry animated words and letters in browser windows. Conceptual poetry made dry, programmatic works that mimicked the structures of the Web. Flarf harvested strange language from Google searches and then presented it newly as kitschy objet trouvé. Alt Lit aped the goopy sincerity of social media, recasting it in poems. These movements produced very different types of poetry, but they shared the idea that the Web was a distinct rupture in the way that poetry was made: after the Web, we would never write the same way again. […] But a book like Zultanski’s ‘Bribery’ uses the Web while downplaying or taking for granted its influence.”

Citerat ur ”Post-Internet Poetry Comes of Age” av Kenneth Goldsmith i The New Yorker, 10 mars 2015. Läs en dikt av Sam Riviere som nämns i artikeln som ett exempel på en författare som skriver post-internet-poesi:

Veckans dikt 32: ”american sincerity” av Sam Riviere

Ola Wihlke

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