Veckans dikt 60: ”Kitchens in the middle of the night” av Rachel B. Glaser

never turn the light on
in the kitchen at night
don’t disrupt the order
the waiting
and longing in the kitchen at night
I walk into my kitchen and end up in yours
only in the middle of night
when nothing knows my name
one can love anyone in the kitchen at night
the heart beats slower
the dishes quiet in drawers
the dim crumbs
black windows
that light footstep of yours
lovers linger in the kitchen of their lover
hungry after midnight
searching for their phone
kitchens tolerate human searching
exquisite security in the kitchen at night
forgotten by all
but still flickering
between worlds like a smoke curl
as the earth inches along
a planet filled with kitchens
people do terrible things far from the sun
but you cannot do anything that terrible

Rachel B. Glaser

© Rachel B. Glaser

Ett varmt tack till Rachel B. Glaser för att vi fick publicera den här dikten. Hon har tidigare kommit ut med diktboken MOODS och är helt aktuell med romanen Paulina & Fran. Missa inte underbara och sjövilda novellen ”Pee on Water”.

Ola Wihlke

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