Litterära termer 46: Kakutanied

”A good review brought on elation. ‘It was like having the good fairy touch you on the shoulder with her wand,’ Mary Karr told NPR. A bad one incited rage, sometimes despair. Nicholson Baker compared getting a negative Kakutani review to undergoing surgery without anesthesia; Jonathan Franzen called her ‘the stupidest person in New York.’ (She had deemed his memoir ‘an odious self-portrait of the artist as a young jackass.’) What made her scary to writers made her reliable to readers: you couldn’t easily predict where her favor would fall. […] More so than any critic working today, Kakutani has become synonymous with her profession. Her name long ago entered the lexicon as a verb (‘to be Kakutanied’), a signifier of the ultimate cultural prestige.”

Citerat ur ”Farwell, Michiko Kakutani” av Alexandra Schwartz i New Yorker, juli 29, 2017. Bra artikel om att Kakutani avslutar sin tjänst som kritiker på New York Times efter 38 år.

Ola Wihlke

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