Veckans dikt 111: ”Pathological Empathy” av Dara Wier


It irritates us
& what might that be

as in
it drives me crazy

something nearly nothing
& really irrelevant

something almost nothing
something from one’s childhood

that changes you forever
so much so

it’s unforgettable
like Fellini

the first time
or some song

I like how people like to think
of the end of the world

From time to time
how small we let ourselves be

to be able to say
beginning with everything beginning

to be never-ending
because we can imagine that

because our minds do that to us
without fail

drilling down paradox directly into us
as sure as sure can be

right from the beginning
and what is that anyway

something to be sad to lose
to be knowing

if not now eventually
something to be crying over

when anyone complains
how poems are hard to understand

for instance
aren’t they really complaining

that life is impossible
to understand

and that we spend most of it
keeping ourselves distracted

from that unanswerable
and therefore, what,

idiotic line of questioning
as it turns out

most comparisons are,
as if

the love of one’s life’s death
can be compared

to the worst breakup of all time
or as if some of what

you miss
you never knew to miss it

or anyone who knows
the feeling of waiting

through the night
for a loved one to appear

and to be put away
for safekeeping

or how it is when
a fever subsides

or a cough is codeine quelled
or a fever breaks

and one no longer stands
on the edge of panic


”Pathological Empathy” from In the Still of the Night. Copyright 2017 by Dara Wier. Used with permission of the author and Wave Books.

Ett varmt tack till Dara Wier och Wave Books för att vi fick publicera den här dikten, som är hämtad ur In the Still of the Night. Läs mer om Wier, hennes tidigare böcker och om Wave Books på förlagets hemsida. Wave Books har en unik utgivning av samtida amerikansk lyrik.


Ola Wihlke

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