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Veckans dikt 110: ”RUNNING NYMPH” av Ariana Reines



for Nicole Eisenman

I was on my knees
Hacking my brains
Alone in a bone

Of unratified light
Someone downstairs
Was hacking & retching

& up thru the airshaft blew a baconlike
Breeze with notes of weed & a colorless
Wave came down through the orange

Mesh the super put up to keep out the pigeons
& doves. They beat their wings. Something
Historical was happening to me

Something already
Antique. I felt myself pushing
My hair to one side of my face. I swear

Was making me do it
The voices

From the television reached me. They had
Had to pass through at least three walls.
They were like

Overtakes me eventually


20 January 2017


”RUNNING NYMPH” from A SAND BOOK. Copyright 2017 by Ariana Reines. Used with permission of the author.

Ett hjärtligt tack till Ariana Reines för att vi fick publicera den här dikten, som är hämtad ur hennes kommande diktsamling A SAND BOOK. Vi vill även passa på att rekommendera Reines senaste bok, TELEPHONE (Wonder).

Screen-Shot-2017-03-08-at-3.57.08-PM (1)

Om du vill läsa recensioner för att få ett hum om Reines lyrik rekommenderar hon denna, av Richard Hell i Bookforum, och denna, av B.K. Fischer i The Boston Review. Och vi rekommenderar varmt Reines Tumblr.

Ola Wihlke

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Ben Lerner & Ariana Reines i långt samtal i BOMB Magazine

“For me, the cow is a real modernist figure. I feel like after God died, the cow became the onlooker in great works of modernism. It’s the witness in Joyce, it shows up again and again – for me, it’s like the residue of the divine in the twentieth century.”

Citerat ur ”Ben Lerner & Ariana Reines” i BOMB Magazine, ett långt och spirituellt samtal som handlar om mycket annat än kor.

Ola Wihlke

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