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”It is impossible to define Weird Twitter just as it is impossible to define any artistic movement, and yes I do consider Weird Twitter an artistic movement. […] Weird Twitter is not traditional comedy. Weird Twitter isn’t about ‘What’s the deal with …’ observational humor; Weird Twitter isn’t one-liners about politicians and celebrities; Weird Twitter isn’t in-joke references of current trends. Weird Twitter is absurd, subversive, and often keenly self-aware. Weird Twitter’s jokes are as much about form – niche, brief, Internet-speak – as they are about content.”

Citerat ur ”A Survey of The Best and Weirdest of Weird Twitter” av Brenden Gallagher, Complex 16 juli 2014. En översiktlig artikel om weird twitter med rader av tips på personer och konton att följa. Vi rekommenderar lord crunkington III: @postcrunk, tom hank: @TomHankThatsMe och Patricia Lockwood: @TriciaLockwood Och så rekommenderar vi, varmt, den unika antologin the yolo pages (Boost House), som förutom weird twitter täcker in alt lit och flarf.

Ola Wihlke

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”Make something beautiful before you are dead!”

”What does it mean to be an Internet poet? Since 2010, Steve Roggenbuck, a twenty-six-year-old who lives in rural Maine, has been producing poetry that is made, distributed, and viewed almost exclusively on the Web, taking the form of tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and image macros. He became best known for a series of videos that are a mix of Walt Whitman and Ryan Trecartin, showing Roggenbuck either in bare apartments or out in the forest, manically improvising poems that celebrate the cosmos and our place in it. In one video, he screams at a gray sky, “Make something beautiful before you are dead… Maybe you should stand in the rain! You’re alive right now!” But this ain’t no tree-hugger or Iron John. There’s an intensity and an edge to his work, verging on violence, which is at once terrifying, hypnotic, and completely moving.”

Vi kan inte nog understryka hur bra vi tycker att Kenneth Goldsmiths bloggginlägg ”If Walt Whitman Vlogged”, som lades upp på Page-Turner igår. Det är en väldigt generös och initierad presentation av ”internetpoeten” Steve Roggenbuck och andra verksamma inom så kallad Alt Lit. Goldsmith pepprar sitt blogginlägg med länkar till videos och refererar till andra verk inom Alt Lit, som den helt aktuella antologin The YOLO Pages (Boost House):

”This month, Roggenbuck’s publishing collective, Boost House, has released the first English-language paperbound anthology of Alt Lit and its siblings weird Twitter (a group of writers who abuse the platform’s hundred-and-forty-character conventions) and Flarf (an early Internet poetry movement). “The YOLO Pages” (YOLO means “you only live once”) feels like the Internet itself, jammed with screen caps of Twitter updates, image macros, and Photoshopped collages that appear between lineated verse, short stories, and blog entries. It’s a wide-ranging anthology of fifty writers, bringing together promising young poets like Luna Miguel and Cassandra Gillig and more established figures like Tao LinPatricia Lockwood, and K. Silem Mohammad.”

Ola Wihlke

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