Etikettarkiv: Bovril

Essä: ”Working-Class Ballet” av Simon Critchley

”There are two things that totally escape you when you watch football on TV: smell and sound. Football is all about smell: the crowd, the acrid piss stink of the toilets, beefy Bovril, cigarette smoke and meat pies. But there is also the smell of the earth, the earth that Zidane treats with such delicacy, carefully replacing divots of grass ripped out during play or the persistent light dragging noise of Zidanes foot against the pitch. There is something nostalgic, elegiac about this smell and when I think back to watching games with my Dad when I was young or crying in the car home if Liverpool lost, then what I remember are smells, but most of all the smell of wet earth on the pitch that ascended into the terraces.”

Citerat ur ”Working-Class Ballet” av Simon Critchley i Roads & Kingdoms, deras utmärkta serie The Far Post.



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