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Om hur The Strand Bookstore funkar i dessa Amazon-tider

2d5a9543-1a9c-4a30-b725-31e9553789cd”Walk into the Strand Book Store, at East 12th and Broadway, and the retail experience you’ll have is unexpectedly contemporary. The walls are white, the lighting bright; crisp red signage is visible at every turn. The main floor is bustling, and the store now employs merchandising experts to refine its traffic flow and make sure that prime display space goes to stuff that’s selling. Whereas you can leave a Barnes & Noble feeling numbed, particularly if a clerk directs you to Gardening when you ask for Leaves of Grass, the Strand is simply a warmer place for readers.”

Citerat ur ”The Strands Stand: How It Keeps Going in the Age of Amazon” av Chrisopher Bonanos i Vulture, 24 november 2014. En underbar skildring av New Yorks mest älskade antikvariat/bokhandel, templet The Strand Bookstore dit många reser långväga ifrån för en tote bag att fylla med ett halvt dussin prima böcker. Artikeln handlar om den ekonomiska sidan av saken, och det är inte bara frid och fröjd: ”The ground floor of 828 Broadway is worth more as a Trader Joe’s than it is selling Tom Wolfe.”

Här kan du (bland annat) lyssna på en bra intervju med Nancy Bass Wyden: ”The Biblio File – podcast för boknördar bortom all räddning

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