Etikettarkiv: Damian Fowler

Hur låter brittisk respektive amerikansk litteratur? Hur förhåller de sig till geografin?

”An English writer’s relation to the geography of Britain feels familiar. It’s not exotic or particularly dangerous, unless you’re talking Heathcliff and the North Yorkshire Moors; there’s always the reassurance of a church, or a pub, or a field of daffodils just around the bend. But the vastness of the American landscape opens up possibilities, thrilling and threatening, for a writer. At the beginning of In Cold Blood, when Capote sets the scene for the murders in Holcomb, the land becomes mythical, overwhelming, fearsome […]”

Citerat ur ”Speaking American” av britten Damian Fowler i Paris Review, 7 juli 2014. Den underhållande och korta, men essälika, artikeln har undertiteln ”The varying temperaments of British and American storytelling.”


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