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”Tao Lin = Jack Kerouac


Kerouac was famously the ‘King of the Beats,’ the man whose style and philosophies were adopted and mimicked by millions of young fans. His stories documented the lifestyle of his contemporaries, and his work influenced other writers and artists.

Lin is the father of Alt Lit, and writers considered ‘Alt Lit’, whether by their own admission or labeled by others, are either involved with Lin on a social level, or draw heavily from his stylistic and thematic innovations.

Both men have chronicled the lives of their fellow young hipsters and the times in which they lived, and utilized the patterns of speech of their generation in order to create the definitive novels of their day. Their work has garnered the most attention to their movements, and been viewed as inspirational to their followers and contemporaries.”

David S. Wills citerad ur miniessän ”Alt Lit as the New Beat Generation” i Beatdom Magazine

Recension av Tao Lins roman Taipei

Tao Lins novell ”Sasquatch”


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