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Fukuyama oroad över den amerikanska demokratins tillstånd

9780374227357”The new element in his analysis, absent from the 1989 essay, is his damning portrait of the state of American democracy. A declining middle class, starkly increasing income inequality, overweening special interests, and partisan gridlock have resulted, he argues, in ‘a crisis of representation,’ leaving millions of Americans convinced that their politicians no longer speak for them. This is a familiar assessment, yet Fukuyama adds important context. He reprises a long tradition of historical pessimism—familiar to the Founding Fathers themselves—about the fate of republics. They do not, as Madison warned, always grow and prosper. They can also decay and decline. Fukuyama may be optimistic about democracy, but he wants Americans to wake up and understand that theirs could fail, just as other democracies and republics have failed in the past.”

Citerat ur ”Doubling Down on Democracy” av Michael Ignatieff i The Atlantic, 17 september 2014. En bra och överskådlig recension av andra delen i Francis Fukuyamas väldiga arbete om den politiska utvecklingens historia: Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of DemocracyHistorien visar dock ännu så länge inte många tecken på att närma sig sitt slut.

Ola Wihlke

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