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Berättelsen om Penguin Books pingvin

”Edward Young was 21 when he was dispatched to London Zoo by his employer, the publisher Bodley Head, with orders to make sketches of penguins. In 1935, managing director Allen Lane had hit upon the idea of producing a new range of affordable but good-quality paperback books, apparently inspired by the lack of reading material available while he was waiting on the platform at Exeter station. Lane had decided on the name Penguin Books at the suggestion of his secretary Joan Coles, and when he resigned from his job in order to launch the imprint proper he required a ‘dignified but flippant’ symbol to go with his new venture. He asked Young to go to Regents Park and find the penguin pool.”

Citerat ur ”The Story Behind Penguin Books Beloved Bird” av Belinda Lanks i BloombergBusinessweek, 4 juni 2014. Citatet är hämtat ur boken ”TM: The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Logos” (Laurence King Publishing). De som oroade sig över att pingvinloggan skulle skrotas eller modifieras kraftigt sedan Penguin Books gått samman med Random House kan känna sig lugna – pingvinen och huset får leva vidare sida vid sida.


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