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Emoji Dick, en udda version av Moby Dick :-)

”Some enthusiasts even believe emoji have literary potential. After raising $3,500 on Kickstarter, data engineer Fred Benenson set out to translate every line of Moby Dick into emoji. Using Amazon’s crowd-sourcing project Mechanical Turk, Benenson managed to find thousands of strangers willing to work on the project. Three people translated each line of Melville’s text; a second group selected the best translation of the three. Benenson sells the finished product – Emoji Dick’ – online, for $200 in hardcover. (The merely curious can opt for a $5 PDF.) Last year, the Library of Congress requested a copy. Benenson says he pockets between $100 and $300 a month from sales.”

Citerat ur ”How Using Emoji Makes Us Less Emotional” av Alice Robb i New Republic, 7 juli 2014. Underhållande artikel om emoji och emoticons.


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