Etikettarkiv: Evgeny Morozov

Essä: ”Evgeny vs. the internet”

”He finished his second book, To Save Everything, Click Here, just before arriving at Harvard, and it was published in March 2013. Displaying a near-maniacal obsession with bullshit, the book dismantles two -isms Morozov perceives in our technology debate that he considers dangerous. The first is ‘solutionism,’ the idea that we should recast our problems, from political gridlock to weight loss, as things to be solved primarily through technological efficiency. The second is ‘internet-centrism,’ which he describes as the ‘firm conviction that we are living through unique, revolutionary times, in which the previous truths no longer hold.’”

Citerat ur ”Evgeny vs. the internet” , en lång artikel/essä i Columbia Journalism Review om cyberskeptikern Evgeny Morozov, som har jämförts med både Karl Kraus och Slavoj Žižek.

Mer på samma tema: Joshua Cohens ”On Evgeny Morozov” i Boston Review 3 januari, 2014.


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