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Korta listan klar till The Guardians debutantpris 2014

Den korta listan till The Guardians debutantpris 2014 är klar. Vinnaren – böcker i alla genrer kan tävla – belönas med 10.000 pund. Listan är en rolig blandning av skön- och facklitteratur. Från May-Lan Tans fantastiska novellsamling, en av våra absoluta favoriter i genren i år, till böcker om hjärnkirurgi och Kina.

Things to Make and Break

May-Lan Tan: Things to Make and Break (CB editions)

”De elva novellerna är oerhört stämningsfulla och suggestiva, nästan lite drömlika, inte sällan erotiskt laddade, och stämningen är betydligt mycket viktigare än handlingen. Skuggor, dubbelgångare och gamla och kommande älskare korsar huvudpersonernas väg i Tans lite lätt skruvade och eleganta berättelser.”

Ur BearBooks recension.

Do No Harm

Henry Marsh: Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery

”Brain surgeons such as Henry Marsh, the author of this startling and moving memoir, have to live, breathe, operate and make urgent decisions in full awareness of a terrible dilemma: if they open the skull they might save the patient’s life, but a slip of the scalpel can cause appalling disability, which, as Marsh puts it, can be much worse than death.”

Ur The Guardians recension.

Age of Ambition

Evan Osnos: Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China

”How does one criticise China without appearing to have a liberal pro-western agenda, and how does one write positively about China without sounding like a naive apologist? Is it even possible to write convincingly about a country of China’s size and history without condensing its complexities into a single version of the truth? These are questions faced by the many journalists, writers and artists whom Osnos profiles, but they are also questions that Osnos himself has to confront from the outset of his project.”

Ur The Guardians recension

Night Guest

Fiona McFarlane: Night Guest

”In Fiona McFarlane’s impressive debut, widowed Ruth senses a tiger prowling around her isolated New South Wales beach house: a flight of fancy that foreshadows the arrival of a far more dangerous beast.”

Ur The Guardians recension

Young Skins

Colin Barrett: Young Skins

Chekhov once told his publisher that it isn’t the business of a writer to answer questions, only to formulate them correctly. Throughout this extraordinary debut, but particularly in the excellent stories that bookend it, Colin Barrett is asking the right questions.

Ur The Guardians recension

Vi tror och hoppas att May-Lan Tan vinner, hennes novellsamling Things to Make and Break är osannolikt bra för att vara en debut.

Ola Wihlke

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