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Veckans dikt 117: ”Waiting for a Ride” av Gary Snyder

Standing at the baggage passing time:
Austin Texas airport — my ride hasn’t come yet.
My former wife is making websites from her home,
one son’s seldom seen,
the other one and his wife have a boy and girl of their own.
My wife and stepdaughter are spending weekdays in town
so she can get to high school.
My mother ninety-six still lives alone and she’s in town too,
always gets her sanity back just barely in time.
My former former wife has become a unique poet;
most of my work,
such as it isis done
Full moon was October second this year,
I ate a mooncake, slept out on the deck
white light beaming through the black boughs of the pine
owl hoots and rattling antlers,
Castor and Pollux rising strong
— it’s good to know that the Pole Star drifts!
that even our present night sky slips away,
not that I’ll see it.
Or maybe I will, much later,
some far time walking the spirit path in the sky,
that long walk of spirits — where you fall right back into the
”narrow painful passageway of the Bardo”
squeeze your little skull
and there you are again

waiting for your ride

(October 5, 2001)

(© 2004 Gary Snyder, återgiven med författarens tillstånd)

Many thanks to Gary Snyder (född 8 maj, 1930) for letting us reproduce this beautiful quotidian/spiritual poem. Snyder, amerikansk författare, mest känd som poet, och associerad med både Beat-rörelsen och San Francisco-renässansen. Snyders fiktiva värld präglas av ett stort intresse för ekologiska frågor och han har kallats ”the poet laureate of Deep Ecology”. Han har även översatt från klassisk kinesiska och modern japanska. Många av hans dikter anknyter, precis som ”Waiting for a ride”, till buddhistiska trosföreställningar. Klimatet, miljön och andlighet är återkommande referenspunkter i Snyders poesi.

Ola Wihlke

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