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Veckans dikt 61: ”CATENA” av Gracie Leavitt

Splendor—more division where
a poem could have gone, I am
the muscle of an animal that lopes
felt through swale and an animal

that loafs, how star from star
differs, bones in our calendar
again, like formal summer Kate’s
sexual grove ribbons together

young promise and the seldom
young, sloughs clumps of ribbon,
your attention, greening, drifts
to field dress the occasional

bursts to clarify his meaning. Course
it’s granular material rests in angle
of repose, trifles pile up, we stop
doing anything at all, but long study

is great love, unsolved, sheepfold
outliving sheep, the pumping part
—starts more extreme air in
my hair than age affords.

Gracie Leavitt

© Gracie Leavitt

Ett stort tack till Gracie Leavitt som låtit oss publicera den här dikten, hämtad ur hennes chapbook CATENA, utgiven av det lilla men offensiva förlaget Doublecross Press. De ger ut en hel del chapbooks och är verkligen måna om att de både innehåller ny och spännande poesi och ser bra ut.


Ola Wihlke

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