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Gigantisk kartläggning av historiska dofter

Ett multinationellt projekt, Odeuropa, ska kartlägga historiska dofter från 1500-talet fram till tidigt 1900-tal. Hästspillning satte kanske mer än något annat sin prägel på historiens doftlandskap.

”Odeuropa opens up a new sensory experience of history. The researchers will create a catalog of past scents by digging through 250,000 images and thousands of texts (in seven languages), ranging from medical descriptions of smells in textbooks to labels of fragrances in novels or magazines. Machine learning will help to cross-analyze the plethora of descriptions, contexts, and occurrence of odor names (such as tobacco, lavender, and probably horse manure). This catalog serves as the conceptual basis for perfumers and chemists to create fragrant molecules fitting 120 of these descriptors.”

Citerat ur ”What Did the Past Smell Like?” i Nautilus av Ann-Sophie Barwich.

Ola Wihlke

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