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Vem drar på sig George Orwells stövlar?

”It’s interesting that there are all of these DC noirs on television right now—House of CardsScandal—because the drama they’re staging is that of ‘Who wears the boot?’ These shows are saying: ‘Let’s really be honest about this: this is not West Wing; this has nothing to do with trying to get that guy you met at the bar healthcare for his kid. No, no, no. This has nothing to do with the Iowa primary—you know, fuck Iowa. What this is really about is who is going to wear the boot. Is it going to be the oil guys? Is it going to be that one crazy ambitious guy? Is it going to be B613? Who’s going to get to wear the boot?”

Uzoamaka Maduka citerad ur ”On Surveillance: A Conversation” i The American Reader. Med anledning av att det är ett år sedan Jonathan Snowden läckte hemligt material, som visar att den amerikanska staten bedriver massiv övervakning, höll tidskriften, som Maduka är en av grundarna av, ett associationsrikt och spännande rundabordssamtal på temat ”surveillance and its impact on narrative, free expression, and the creative arts.”

Maduka återkopplar till ett citat ur George Orwells 1984, som en av de andra deltagarna, Jac F. Mullen, lyfter fram lite tidigare i diskussionen: ”Remember that great line from 1984? ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on the human face—forever.’  The way I look at these recent revelations about our surveillance capacities—I think that what’s been revealed to us, essentially, is the boot of the future.” Vi har fetat citatet.

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