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Facebook och Twitter, bra författarverktyg?

Julia Jackson: Do you think the internet helps or hurts you?

Adam Wilson: Oh, I definitely spend too much time on Facebook. It’s so easy to. At the same time, I feel like Facebook has actually provided me a lot of material for writing. If you can’t think of a character or character traits, you can just look at people you went to high school with. You can look at all these pictures of people and then write descriptions of them. I often think of things, like I’ll just be wasting time on Facebook and I’ll be like, “Huh. There’s a profession called this.” Or like, “Huh. Someone I know is a dolphin trainer. I’m going to make someone in a story do that.” And also one thing I’ve really been interested in, for this book and also in general, is just the language of social media. In the new novel I’m working on, one of the characters works in a digital marketing company and does the Twitter for big corporations.”

Citerat ur intervjun ”Adam Wilson, Author of Flatscreen — Learning to Be Bad at the Right Things” på The Outlet 22 februari, 2012. Vi har just läst ut Wilsons nya What’s Important Is Feeling (Harper Perennial), uppföljaren till debutromanen, och den kan mycket väl visa sig vara en av novellsamlingarna man minns när bokåret ska summeras. Lite som en blandning av Tao Lin och George Saunders. Recension kommer inom kort.


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