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With its echo of “grotesque,” the ubiquitous term ‘Kafkaesque’ has long been frozen into permanence, both in the dictionary and in the most commonplace vernacular. Comparative and allusive, it has by now escaped the body of work it is meant to evoke. To say that such-and-such a circumstance is ‘Kafkaesque’ is to admit to the denigration of an imagination that has burned a hole in what we take to be modernism—even in what we take to be the ordinary fabric and intent of language. Nothing is like ‘The Hunger Artist.’ Nothing is like ‘The Metamorphosis.’”

Citerat ur ”How Kafka Actually Lived” av Cynthia Ozick i New Republic, 11 april 2014


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Essä: ”Death by data: how Kafkas The Trial prefigured the nightmare of the modern surveillance state” av Reiner Stach

”Kafka was the first author to understand what it means when people are turned into statistical entities and when every move they make is compiled as data. For Kafka, the problem was not the machine – bureaucracy itself is blameless; it is not an active agent. The blame is ours. We are the ones checking the boxes, sharing our photographs and forgetting to delete.”

Citerat ur ”Death by data” i New Statesman, 16 januari, 2014. Reiner Stach argumenterar för att vår belägenhet är kafkaartad, snarare än orwellsk. I likhet med Kafka själv ser han inte Josef K, huvudperson i Processen, bara som ett offer för en anonym allseende byråkrati.

Det samma gäller oss. Vi blir utsatta för allt mer övervakning, men vi ger också frivilligt upp allt mer av våra privatliv, exempelvis till Facebook och Google.


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