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Allt fler dystopiska ungdomsromaner, och pessimistiska ungdomar?

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”Young adult books (and films) are part of a relatively new genre and they speak to the young adult inside us all, the part whose identity is yet unformed, full of rage and fear and longing. They’re not great literature, which is fine, because they’re not designed to be. The new teen dystopias are profoundly romantic, full of doomed crushes and broody heroes in tight athletic suits, but they resist portraying love as the answer to the heroine’s problems. Kissing is fantastic but what Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior and Paige Mahoney need is someone with pretty eyes to help them bring down the government. Don’t we all?”

Citerat ur ”No Wonder Teens Love Stories About Dystopias – They Feel Like They’re In One” av Laurie Penny i New Republic, 11 april 2014. Artikeln är onekligen intressant, men vi tror att den underskattar ungdomars förmåga att skilja på fakta och fiktion och överdriver amerikaners vilja att göra revolution. Men vi föredrar också dystopier framför ännu fler böcker om vampyrer.


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