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Är vi mitt uppe i historiens femte stora skäggrörelse?


Eleanor Rycroft – Facial Hair and the Performance of Early Modern Masculinity (Routledge)

”The historian Christopher Oldstone-Moore identifies ‘four great beard movements’ that punctuate the history of masculinity – the second century, the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the latter half of the 19th century. Arguably we are currently at the beginning of a fifth age, though time will tell whether this is merely a moment of fashion or something more. Certainly beards have been current and widespread for the last 20 years and the term ‘hipster beard’ is idiomatic. […] While there are no universal triggers for ‘great beard movements’, we might venture that the early modern period was a time of enormous change – religious, economic, political, cultural and medical.”

Citerat ur The Beard Maketh the Man. During the Renaissance, the beard was the defining feature of a man” av Eleanor Rycroft i History Today

Rycraft är specialist på teatern under tididgmodern tid, och det kryllade av skäggiga män på scenen; skägg var den tydligaste markören för maskulinitet, inte minst i Shakespeares dramer. Rycrofts artikel är genuint spännande, inte minst tanken på att vi skulle kunna vara mitt uppe i historiens femte stora skäggrörelse:

”As we look at today’s hipsters – beards, man-buns and tattoos aplenty – we may also wonder what lies beneath the surface of the identities that they construct.”

Ola Wihlke

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