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New York Times: Intervju med Claudia Rankine

poetry_rankine_citizen_f”A lot of people feel that the realm of poetry and the realm of the lyric is personal feeling and should rise above politics, which, in fact, good poetry has never done,” she said in a recent interview at a hotel in SoHo. “As African-Americans, that’s what’s being played fast and loose with, our citizenship. When you have the Trayvon Martins and the Michael Browns being shot and killed, it’s because, on a certain level, there is a kind of mutability in the understanding of citizenship around the black body.”

Citerat ur ”A Poetry Personal and Political”, en intervju med Claudia Rankine av Felicia R. Lee i New York Times, 28 november 2014. En väldigt fin intervju, full med bra länkar, med Rankine, som visserligen inte vann något National Book Award, men vars Citizen: An American Lyric (Greywolf Press) måste betraktas som en av höstens mest angelägna poesiböcker. Eller böcker.

Det personliga är poetiskt. Läs och lyssna på utdrag ur Citizen.

Ola Wihlke

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