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The Believer: Intervju med Lindsay Hunter


Ugly Girls av Lindsay Hunter (FSG, 2014) Design Charlotte Strick, foto Natalie Dirks.

”I feel and I’ve always felt this impatience, like, let’s cut the crap, let’s say what we mean, let’s be who we are, in total, the good, the bad, the ugly, the farts, the desire, the plain naked desire. The desperation. That is definitely something I work out in my writing. Again and again. […] I’m tired of the same stories being told in the same ways. So I try to write it all. I don’t ignore the ugly. I embrace it wholly. Some days it feels like a noble endeavor. Some days it just feels hacky.”

Citerat ur ”An Interview With Lindsay Hunter”, en intervju gjord av Juliet Escoria för The Believers bloggRecensionElectric Literature. Recension The Riveter Magazine.

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