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Nu är det noveller som gäller

BEF”When [Lydia] Davis triumph was followed by a Nobel Prize for the Canadian short-story writer Alice Munro, people started to mutter that something significant was afoot. While two successive prizes could be coincidence, the renaissance of the short story was confirmed when the American George Saunders won the inaugural Folio Prize at the start of the year for Tenth of December. Something of a writer’s writer – beloved of Zadie Smith and Jonathan Franzen – Saunders was catapulted into public view and on to the bestseller lists. And with him – blushing as it cast off its ‘Who? Little old me?’ mantle – went short-form fiction.”

Citerat ur ”The irresistible rise of the short story” av Sam Baker i The Telegraph, 18 maj 2014. Baker argumenterar övertygande för att novellen ligger i tiden.


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Etgar Keret om novellen i intervju med Rain Taxi

”All my writing-life people kept telling me that I should stop writing short stories and start writing novels: my agent, my Israeli publisher, my foreign ones, my bank manager—they all felt and keep feeling that I’m doing something wrong here. But for me taking a pragmatic decision when it comes to art is almost an oxymoron. The reason I first picked up a pen and wrote a story had nothing pragmatic in it. Making up characters and places and plots, unlike fixing your plumbing or doing dishes, is anything but practical or rational. I write what needs to be written the way that seems genuinely right. If what comes out of it are stories, then it is my vocation to believe in them and in the fact that they’ll interest people and maybe affect their lives.”

Citatet är hämtat ur en intervju med Etgar Keret i Rain Taxi, men vi hittade citatet på sajten The Short Form. Just det här citatet ingår i deras serie The Craft, som helt enkelt är en samling författarcitat på temat skrivande och kreativitet i allmänhet och på temat novellen i synnerhet. Men huvudnumret är citat ur nyskrivna eller nypublicerade noveller, som ibland finns tillgängliga gratis online.

The Short Form samlar också citat ur författarintervjuer de tycker är särskilt bra och gör en hel del listor. Det är en riktigt rolig sida om man är nyfiken på nyskrivna eller nypublicerade noveller, alls inte bara amerikanska. The Short Form har gjort en världskarta som visar vilka delar av världen man hittills har täckt in.

Ola Wihlke




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