Laura Miller har hittat alternativ till Amazon

”The surprising thing about the change I made is that it wasn’t that difficult. I once more patronize local book stores, which are far more enjoyable to browse. I’ve bought e-books for my iPad from four different non-Amazon vendors (Apple, Google, Barnes and Noble and Kobo), easy as pie, and I buy used print books from AbeBooks and I subscribe to Oyster, a new Netflix-for-books service. I also belong to, a site that, for a small fee, enables its members to trade in their used books for credits that can be redeemed for the used books of other members. In fact, books have been the easiest thing to shop for since I made it my policy to avoid Amazon.”

Citerat ur  ”Goodbye, Amazon: We’re through!” av Laura Miller i Salon, 21 maj 2014.


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