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Novell 143: ”All At One Point” av Italo Calvino


Jeff Dorchen läser Italo Calvinos fantastiska lilla novell ”All At One Point” från Cosmicomics, en av hans allra mest fantasirika böcker. Novellen börjar, bokstavligt talat, i tidernas begynnelse, strax före big bang.

Uppläsningens längd: 8 min

Läs om Cosmicomics:

”Calvino was ahead of his time in so many ways that only now, 25 years after his death, is his work widely perceived not as marginal because it is fantasy, but as a landmark in fiction, the work of a master. When he was writing, science fiction was not to be spoken of in literary circles, and comic books were if possible even less acceptable. Few literary critics could imagine discussing them seriously until the late 90s. If they paid any attention to the name Calvino gave these stories, it was to emphasise one implication, the cosmic comedy.”

Ursula K. Leguin i The Guardian: ”Into the cosmos with Qfwfq”

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