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Intervju: Philip Seymor Hoffman om böcker och läsning i The Believer

The Believer har lagt upp en lång och mycket fin intervju från 2004 med Philip Seymor Hoffman (1967-2014) på nätet. Hoffman berättar bland annat om vilka böcker som inspirerade honom som skådespelare och om sina favoritförfattare:

”BLVR: What other books have affected you like that?

PSH: A Prayer for Owen MeanyRevolutionary Road by Richard Yates.

BLVR: Revolutionary Road is a fantastic book.

PSH: That book put me out for a couple days. I can’t finish that book and then go act in a scene. That’s the last thing I want to do. I want to be alone; I want to be isolated. I want to be by myself. I don’t want to be with other people. I’m a big Richard Yates fan, by the way.

BLVR: I read somewhere that you also like Richard Ford.

PSH: I love Richard Ford. The Sportswriter is one of my favorite books. What he says at the end of The Sportswriter about walking in the veil and how you think that it might not ever get lifted again … I remember when I was doing Long Day’s Journey into Night and Edmund talks about being on the beach in the fog—when I read that in the play, I went right to The Sportswriter and reread that part.”

Inför intervjun hade Ryan Bartelmay, intervjuaren, skickat ett exemplar av George Saunders fantastiska novellsamling Pastoralia till Hoffman. De diskuterar en novell särskilt utförligt, ”Sea Oak” som du hittar här.

Ola Wihlke

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