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Veckans dikt 113: ”mozambique” av Rodney Koeneke


let us put aside intelligence
thinking is the plague of kings

let us abandon
the pentecostal wine of too much talking

feluccas easing into muddy rivers
flotillas on the high platonic blue

accruing all the pennants
from accidents of blueness

the months of summer turning
in their fiery chemise

pretending to be tired
of their place inside the genre

yet moving with rapidity
in arcs across the plot

which is still a form of thinking
a humming while you’re planting

new crops to strip from hillsides
in springs that comes to soon


”mozambique” from Body & Glass. Copyright 2018 by Rodney Koeneke. Used with permission of the author and Wave Books.

Ett varmt tack till Heidi Broadhead, Wave Books och Rodney Koeneke, för att vi fick publicera den här dikten av Rodney Koeneke, hämtad ur hans diktsamling Body & Glass. Missa inte att göra ett besök på Wave Books hemsida.


Ola Wihlke

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