Etikettarkiv: romaner som utspelar sig i Brooklyn

Goda tider för kvinnliga författare som skriver Brooklyn-romaner

9781250050458”It’s true that the word ‘Brooklyn’ appears in the bios of so many writers that it has acquired a talismanic blanketing effect, and should rightly be considered separate from the contents of the books these writers produce.  But I can confirm, based on my own reading list this spring, that there is no shortage of fiction set in Brooklyn. In fact, you could almost say that the Lethems and, more recently, the Lins have been supplanted: It’s been a dazzling couple of years for the women of Brooklyn.”

Citerat ur ”Part sendup, part anxious self-portrait: ‘Friendship’ and the new Brooklyn novel” av Lydia Kiesling i Salon, 2 julia 2014. Några av de romaner och författare som nämns i artikeln:

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. av Adelle Waldman

Recension Intervju Utdrag

Friendship av Emily Gould

Recension Utdrag

Cutting Teeth av Julia Fierro

Recension Intervju Utdrag

Ola Wihlke

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