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Gustave Flaubert var inte realist

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Wikimedia Commons

”The difficult task that Brown has set himself, nowhere stated but everywhere pursued in this vigorously researched, intellectually nuanced, and exquisitely written book, is to challenge the long-standing view that Flaubert started out as a Romantic writer in the vein of Chateaubriand or Lamartine, underwent a violent ‘purge’ at the insistence of two wise friends, and was miraculously transformed into a Realist with the writing of Madame Bovary. […] The old Penguin translations by Robert Baldick carry a succinct version of the myth: ‘In his early works … Flaubert tended to give free rein to his flamboyant imagination, but on the advice of his friends he later disciplined his romantic exuberance in an attempt to achieve total objectivity and a harmonious prose style.'”

Citerat ur ”Gustave Flaubert Was Not A Realist” av Christopher Benfey i New Republic, 22 maj 2006. Tidskriften har grävt fram en gammal recension av en Flaubert-biografi, en riktig hyllning, som verkar vara något av ett standardverk. Artikeln har delats ovanligt mycket för att vara en recension av en så smal bok, men det var ju en sensationell rubrik.

Ola Wihlke G Not A Realist

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