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Veckans dikt 20: ”The Enchanted Snow” av Cynthia Cruz


I go out. I come back.

I am practicing my words, again:
A bouquet of wilting flowers.

Feigning English, barely

American in my waistcoat and fur
Thunder boots.

Swoon, I say
And the swallows fall from their elm,

I said I wished I were
Drowned. But this time
Not just in dream.

The clock clicks, I sleep on.

I swim past the breakers—a radio
Song unfurling in my head.

Daddy, will I ever see you again.


Cynthia Cruz

© Cynthia Cruz

Ett stort och varmt tack till Cynthia Cruz, som lät oss publicera en av hennes dikter. Hennes dikter har publicerats i New YorkerParis Review, Boston Review, American Poetry Review, Kenyon Review, med flera publikationer. Hennes första diktsamling, RUIN, gavs ut av Alice James Books, och hennes andra samling, The Glimmering Room, gav ut av Four Way Books hösten 2012. Hennes tredje diktsamling, Wunderkammer, kom ut i år på Four Way Books. Hon undervisar vid Sarah Lawrence College och bor i Brooklyn, New York.

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