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Essä: ”MFA vs. NYC” av Chad Harbach

”On one hand, a weakened market for literary fiction makes publishing houses less likely than ever to devote resources to work that doesn’t, like a pop song, ”hook” the reader right away. On the other, the MFA-driven shift in the academic canon has altered the approach of writers outside the university as well as those within. Throughout the latter half of the last century, many of our most talented novelists—Nabokov, Gaddis, Bellow, Pynchon, DeLillo, Wallace—carved out for themselves a cultural position that depended precisely on a combination of public and academic acclaim.”

Citerat ur Chad Harbachs omdiskuterade essä ”MFA vs. NYC”, ursprungligen publicerad i n+1, nu publicerad i Slate med den dramatiska undertiteln ”America now has two distinct literary cultures. Which one will last?” Snart kommer en littetatursociologisk bok ut på samma tema, de två kulturerna koncentrerade till högskolor respektive New Yorks förlagsindustri. Harbach är redaktör. Boken lär väcka en hel del debatt.


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