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Hundratals bibliotek i USA har börjat servera mat till behövande barn

En artikel i New York Times, ”Free Lunch at the Library”, rapporterar att hundratals offentligt finansierade bibliotek har börjat servera mat till barn från familjer med dålig ekonomi:

”Hundreds of libraries are now serving federally funded summer meals to children to ensure that they don’t go hungry. The change is part of an effort to stay relevant to patrons, and to pair nutrition and educational activities so low-income children get summertime learning, too.”

Och ytterligare ett citat, om tanken med initiativet:

”Enid Costley, the children’s and youth services consultant for Library of Virginia, summed up the rationale for starting to serve free food: ‘For kids to be well-read, they need to be well-fed.'”

Ola Wihlke

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