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Essä: Crimes Against Humanities av Leon Wieseltier

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most re...

Dante Alighieri porträtterad av Giotto di Bondone (Foto: Wikipedia)

”With his dawn-is-breaking scientistic cheerleading, Pinker shows no trace of the skepticism whose absence he deplores in others. His sunny scientizing blurs distinctions and buries problems. If there was one thing for which the humanities, the old humanities, the wearyingly traditional humanities, could be counted on, it was to introduce us also to the darkness and prepare us also for the worst.”

Citerat ur essän Crimes Against Humanities, skriven av Leon Wieseltier, litteraturredaktör på The New Republic, som ett svar på Steven Pinkers Science is not the Enemy.

Daniel C. Dennett kommenterar Pinkers och Wieseltiers texter i Edge.


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